The International Fire Suppression Alliance (IFSA)

The International Fire Suppression Alliance (IFSA) is a not-for-profit association created in 1999 “to globally promote the use of effective water-based fire protection systems.” The IFSA seeks to achieve this mission by:

· Fostering the development of national and regional organizations with similar objectives

· Promoting the enhancement of codes, standards, and fire safety legislation

· Developing of information systems to protect product integrity, and industry identity

· Providing access to training and education

· Expanding IFSA visibility, membership, and support




Because the health, safety, and welfare of the public is at risk, the IFSA created a video explaining why fire protection industry professionals and regulators should mandate that only those products certified by reputable testing laboratories be employed in automatic sprinkler systems. The 6-minute video focuses on the shortcomings of noncertified fire sprinklers, some of which were removed from service in buildings where they were being trusted to provide fire protection to the public. When these same sprinklers were subjected to recognized product testing protocols, they routinely fail to demonstrate adequate performance. Certain types of failure seem to predominate, but all failures indicate a danger to public safety.

Watch the video to learn more.
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