2024-2025 Grant Cycle

The IFSA Grant program is the IFSA’s principal means of supporting our Mission and Vision. Over the past 20+ years, the IFSA has provided over US$ 4 Million to international organizations in support their efforts to change the dialog around fire protection and to improve the awareness, knowledge, and use of automatic water-based fire protection systems as a critical component of that protection. The IFSA Grant Application process and Awards are conducted on an annual basis with eligibility limited to groups or projects whose principal efforts will be focused outside of the United States and Canada. Questions regarding the program should be submitted to ifsa@ifsa.global.

Grants applications must be received no later than December 1st, 2023

IFSA limits its grants to organizations or projects outside the United States and Canada. Grant decisions for the IFSA fiscal year beginning 1 July 2024 will be made at the Annual Meeting of the IFSA Board of Governors in May of 2024.

Download IFSA FY2024-2025 Grant Application Here

The applicant agrees that the detailed submission will be deemed to be a part of this application and is incorporated by reference therein.

Grant applicants are required to complete and submit this application form to be considered for an award.

The IFSA recognizes that this form alone may not be structured in a manner that would allow an applicant to present their request in sufficient detail. Therefore, supplemental documents providing additional information, data, and/or detail is encouraged.

All applicants should be sure that the following is provided within this application form or within the supplemental materials:

  1. General description of the program or project.

  2. An outline of the current and projected economic conditions and an estimate of the current and potential automatic water-based fire suppression market.

  3. A description of how the program or project that addresses how it will advance the IFSA mission to “globally promoting the use of effective water-based fire protection systems”. The programs/projects eligible for an IFSA grant may include, but are not limited to:

    a. Developing organizations with similar objectives to the IFSA,

    b. Educating regulators, public officials and the public of the advantages and demonstrated success of automatic water-based fire suppression in achieving life safety, property, and environmental protection.

    c. Enhancing fire safety regulations and building & fire codes,

    d. Adopting internationally recognized product standards to maintain industry integrity,

    e. Improving industry performance through enforcement of accepted installation, and maintenance standards.

  4. An outline of the budget for the program or project. This should include total amount funding, details on the proposed methods and sources of that funding, a schedule of expenses and payments, etc. If the applicant is obtaining funding from other sources (i.e., existing assets, loans from financial institutions, other grants, and/or matching funds from other agencies) the amounts and sources should be identified and detailed.

  5. Outline of the timetable for completion of the program or project together with a description of the milestones.

    Note: Programs and projects seeking grant funding are not required to be completed in a single calendar or fiscal year. However, multi-year Programs and Projects should present the budgets on an annual basis with funding requests for each year.

  6. Names of key personnel to be assigned to the project and a general description of the responsibilities of each. If any such personnel are consultants or employees of other companies, such affiliation must be fully identified and described.

It should be noted that all submitted materials will be deemed to be a part of the application and is incorporated by reference therein. IFSA agrees that all information submitted or communicated as part of this application and review process will be held in confidence and disclosed only to persons necessary in consideration of the grant application.

Grant applications are due December 1st, 2023 and should be submitted electronically. Electronic submissions shall be submitted in pdf format to: ifsa@ifsa.global