The goal of the Sprinkler Identification Number (SIN) system is to ensure proper use of the sprinklers:

  • Specifiers, design engineers, and layout technicians can check the use of a sprinkler against its capabilities.
  • Fitters and inspectors can verify that the proper product has been installed and conforms to its design basis.
  • Owners and fitters can use it to determine a proper replacement sprinkler should be necessary.

The requirement for a SIN designation on sprinklers originated in the 1999 edition of NFPA 13, Installation of Automatic Sprinklers, with subsequent reference and adoption by UL Solutions, FM Approvals, and other agencies. Use of a SIN is required on all sprinklers installed on sprinkler systems required to comply with NFPA 13 on January 1, 2001. So sprinklers manufactured and installed prior to this date will not have SIN markings.

A SIN is comprised of one or two letters followed by three or four numbers.

The letters in the SIN represent the manufacturer of the sprinkler. The three or four numbers that follow the are the model numbers and are set by the manufacturer themselves. Every change in orifice size, response classification, distribution characteristic, and maximum working pressure must be identified by a separate SIN. This system has not been established to create uniformity of model numbers among the manufacturers. Some manufacturers use each digit to represent a characteristic of the sprinkler, while others use it strictly as a cataloging number. For example, Model AB120 could be one manufacturer’s standard response K-5.6 (K-80 metric) upright spray sprinkler, while Model BC120 could be another manufacturer’s K-14 (K-200 metric) pendent ESFR.’

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SIN Character Brand/Manufacturer Website
A GW Sprinkler (Angus Fire Armour Ltd.)
AF AL Fuuaim Engineering
AG AG Fire Sprinkler
AK Safe Pro Fire Services Pvt., Ltd.
AL Aleum Co.
AM Armourtek International
AP Ningbo Ailip Fire Technology Co., Ltd.
AS Automatic Sprinkler (AFAC)
AT Najd Electrical & Safety Equipment Trading LLC
AU Asia Union
AX Asia Billets Pvt Ltd.
AZ Haci Ayvaz END. MAM. SAN. TIC. A.S.
B Best Fire Sprinkler
BA Adel Barakat Trading Co.
BF Bristol Fire Sprinkler
BK Bharat Fire Fighting Pvt. Ltd.
BN Best Fire Sprinkler
BS Emirates Fire Fighting Equipment Factory (FIREX)
BT Best Fire Protection Systems
BZ Ponmani International
C Johnson Controls (Central Sprinkler)
CA CA-Fire Protection Co., Ltd.
CD Chang Der Fire Protection Corp.
CF Nignjin APC Industries Co., Ltd.
CP CPF Industriale S.P.A
CS Johnson Controls (Central Sprinkler).
DJ Daejin Sanup Co.
DM Dinamica Materiais Hidraulicos LTDA
DS Dhoop Singh and Sons
DY Duyar Vana Makina Sanayi A.S.
E Eurosprinkler AG
EE Eversafe Extinguisher SDN BHD
EH Hangzhou Ehase-Flex Co., Ltd.
EO Valf Sanayii A.S.
ES Global Safety (Singapore) Pte Ltd
ET Taizhou Eversare Firefighting Equipment Co., Ltd.
F Johnson Controls (Grinnell Corporation/GEM)
FA Fireguard Safety Equipment Co. Ltd
FC Sunrise Impex India
FF Shanghai FireTech Co. Ltd.
FG Fireguard Mfg. Corp
FL FlameGuard Systems Ltd.
FN Frontier Safety Limited.
FS Firematic Sprinkler Devices, Inc.
FT Firetech Equipment & Systems Private Limited
FW Flowcom Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd.,
FX Emirates Fire Fighting Equipment Factory (FIREX)
G Johnson Controls (Grinnell Corporation/GEM)
GA AG Fire Sprinkler, S.L.
GE Victualic Company (Globe Europa)
GF Green Fire Engineering Ltd.
GG Holding Gefest Ltd.
GH SIBCA Electronic Equipment Co, Ltd, Abu Dhabi, UAE
GI Gunnebo India Private Limited.
GL Victaulic Company (Globe Fire Sprinkler)
GN Victualic Company (Globe Europa)
GP Grand Produce Safety Equipment Co., Ltd (Hong Kong,PC)
GS Victaulic Company (Globe Fire Sprinkler)
GT Zhongshan Guta Fire Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.
GU Gulf Fire Fighting Equipments FZE
GV Victaulic Company
GW GW Sprinkler
H Bristol Fire Engineering
HD HD Fire Protect Pvt. Ltd.
HK Intelligent Safety and Security Technology LTD
IK Isuzu Kogyo Co., Ltd.
IN Independent Fire Group
IS Impact Fire and Sprinkler Appliances PVT. LTD.
J Jomos Brabdshultz GmbH
JD Shanghai Jindun Fire-Fighting Security Service Co., LTD
KS Zhejiang KSFCO Fire Fighting Equipment Co. Ltd.
LA Leap Australasia Pty Ltd
LD Groupe Leader
LF Lichfield Fire and Safety Equipments Co. LTD
MB Mobiak SA
MK Miyamoto Kogyosho
MN Monsher Fire Protection Systems Pvt. Ltd.
MS Mosafe Protection, LLC
MT Fluid Equipment Int BVBA
MT Masteco Insdustry Co., Ltd.
MV The Viking Corporation
MX Minimax GmbH
N Nohmi Bosai Ltd.
NF National Fire Fighting Manufacturing FZCO
NI Newage Fire Protection Industries Private Limited
NS Newage Fire Fighting Co. Ltd.
NT Nippon Dry-Chemical Co., Ltd
NV Nitin Ventures FZE (A Division of Nitin Group of Company)
NX Nanjing Tuna Fire Protection Co., Ltd.
OM Chawla Fire Protection Engineers
OS Oscar Fire, Safety & Security, Ltd.
PD Pureland Technology Limited
PI FESCO (Paratech Co. Ltd.)
PR Shanghai Preciser Safety Technology Company
PS Protector Sprinkler Company
PW Power(Paratech)
QC Modgal Metal (99) Ltd
R The Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc.
RA The Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc.
RD Rapidrop Ltd
RE Rapidrop India Pvt Ltd.
RO Rolland Arroseurs Sprinklers
S Johnson Controls (Star Sprinkler Inc).
SA Johnson Controls (Spraysafe Automatic Sprinkler)
SD Shield Fire and Safety & Security LTD
SE Al Rayan Security and Safety Trading
SF Safex Fire Services, Ltd.
SG Safeguard Fire Protection Private Limited
SH RouchTec International Limited
SJ Sejin Company Ltd.
SN Sunpool International Corporation
SO SOS International
SS Senju Sprinkler Co., Ltd.
ST Steel Recon Industries SDN BHD.
SV Sant Infrasys
SY Sentry Sprinklers
TF Johnson Controls (Tyco)
TH Three H Taiwan Industries Corp.
TW Total Walther GmbH
TY Johnson Controls (Tyco)
UK UK Tec Systems
UR Bahri & Mazroei Technical Systems Co., LLC
UT Zhejiang Youtaike Fire Equipment Co., Ltd
UV Giacomini Unival Tesisat Armaturleri San. VE Tic. Lts Sti
V Victaulic Company
VC Apex Fire System Pte. Ltd.
VF Venus Fire Protection Ltd.
VK The Viking Corporation Ltd.
VS Valf Sanayii A.S.
WD Woodang Technical Industry Co, Ltd.
WK Weflo Valve Co., Ltd.
WS Sensor Tech Fire Fighting and Safety Equipment Trading
YJ Young Jin Flex Co. Ltd.
YP Yamota Protec Taiwan Co. Ltd.
YT UTEC Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (China)
...The following characters are not permitted for use in SIN Identification:
...CE, D, EC, FM, FR, HS, IF, K, O, OO, P, SK, SP, SR, SU, SW, U, UL, W, WH, WP, WU
SIN Character Brand/Manufacturer

The following characters are not permitted for use in SIN Identification:

CE, D, EC, FM, FR, HS, IF, K, O, OO, P, SK, SP, SR, SU, SW, U, UL, W, WH, WP, WU