Underwriters Laboratories has reported on new discoveries of counterfeit sprinklers in Colombia and Indonesia. In two separate Public Notices published on its website, UL has identified the sprinklers as carrying fake US or Canada UL certification markings.

The first set of counterfeit sprinklers, discovered in Medellin Antioquia, Colombia, have markings indicating they were manufactured by the Nanjing Fire Protection Technology Co. of China, carrying the Sprinkler Identification Numbers (SINs) NX003 and NX005, and are respectively upright and pendent chrome-plated sprinklers with 68oC temperature ratings. The upright sprinkler contains a 5 mm glass bulb marked “JOB F5” and the pendent contains a 3 mm bulb marked “JOB FR”, but the bulbs were not produced or labeled by JOB GmbH or its agents. Photographs of the counterfeit sprinklers can be viewed along with the UL notice at:


The second set of counterfeits, found in Indonesia, are marked with the Sprinkler Identification Number PS002, but were not manufactured by the Protector Sprinkler Co. of Taiwan. The sprinklers are glass bulb chrome-plated pendent sprinklers with a 68oC temperature rating and “PRO” marked on the wrench boss, and can be viewed at:


The use of counterfeit or other noncertified sprinklers presents a major public safety hazard, since past testing of such sprinklers has shown they can be manufactured using materials that will not withstand fire temperatures or expected water distribution forces, or can be otherwise deficient in their ability to control and suppress fires.  All responsible design professionals, installers and approval authorities should be on the lookout for these dangerous products.