A corporation, partnership, trade association, society or person eligible for one of the other Categories of membership whose activities are international in scope and has committed to active participation within the Board of Directors and to contribute toward the operations of the Corporation. Executive Governing Members designate a representative to serve on the Board of Directors and have special voting authority on the strategic objectives of the IFSA.

  • A Seat on the Board of Directors
    • Participates in establishment of IFSA agenda and objectives
    • Voting privileges in the election of IFSA Leadership
    • Eligible to serve as elected officer
    • Eligible to serve and lead on established IFSA committees
    • Voting privileges on the allocation of resources and grants
    • Voting Privileges on IFSA’s Annual Strategic Planning Meeting
  • Access to quarterly sprinkler shipment data compiled from IFSA members (Data is confidential and requires members to participate in the data collection program)
  • Member level representation into IFSA Affiliated Organizations (EFSN, BAFSA, AMRACI, ABSpk, ANRACI, etc.)
  • SIN Character Registration Maintenance (no additional cost)
  • Industry updates through electronic newsletters and social media
  • Access to training materials, programs, and publications from any IFSA Affiliated Association at member rates
  • Identification as lead supporter on the IFSA website and related materials.